We not only teach our students how to dance, but we teach them how to dance in the real world! 

Latin and Ballroom Dance Classes in New York City

DanceTogetherNYC is a unique dance studio that prepares its students for dancing in the real world.

It's our goal to teach you how to dance and how can actually use what you’ve learned at social functions and events like wedding receptions, parties, and more! 

Here's more about what we offer:

A variety of latin & ballroom dance styles

We offer a variety of dance styles ranging from Social Ballroom and Rhythm dancing to more popular club dances like Salsa, West Coast Swing, Hustle, and Argentine Tango. 

Group classes and private lessons

We are pleased to offer both group classes and private lessons for our students. If you're just getting started, you might want to join one of our beginner classes (we also offer intermediate and advanced classes, too).

Please note, we do rotate our class schedule and dances on a regular basis. If you're looking for instruction in a specific dance style or level, private lessons might be the right choice for you. Please contact us for more information.

Be a leader or a follower.

If you want to learn how to dance as a leader or a follower, we can accommodate you! We're all about making dance accessible to everyone. 

In fact, we encourage our students to try out both leading and following roles. It's a great way to learn and better understand dance styles.

No partner? No problem!

You don't need to bring a dance partner with you to our classes. Just register for class and show 


We match up and rotate partners in our classes. There's no waiting around at all: everyone gets to dance during our classes.

Where we teach

All of our group classes and private lessons are held in modern, fully equipped dance studios in New York midtown near Penn Station and Stamford, CT. 

Lessons are also available in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area upon special request.  

frequently asked questions

What types of dances do you teach?

DanceTogetherNYC offers professional latin and ballroom dance classes in New York City in the following dance styles: Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Argentine Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Country Two Step, Salsa, Modern, Freestyle, Hip Hop, and Tap. We offer instruction in International Standard/Latin Ballroom as well as American Standard and Latin Ballroom.

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer both group classes and private lessons. At the moment, we only offer select types of dance styles for our group classes. If you're looking for instruction in a dance that is not currently offered as a group class, you may want to consider taking private lessons. 

Where are classes held?

All group lessons are held in modern, fully equipped professional dance studios in Chelsea or Midtown West (near Penn Station) in New York, NY. Private Lessons (Individual or Couples) can be scheduled in modern, fully equipped professional dance studios in Chelsea or Midtown West (near Penn Station) in New York, NY or Stamford, CT.

What should I wear to class? Do I need any special clothes or shoes?

Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. Layers are suggested. Shoes with leather or other smooth, non-binding soles are best to allow for easy turns. Shoes with "sticky" rubber soles, flip-flops and other loose fitting shoes are not recommended.

What's your cancellation policy for classes?

For more information on our group and private lesson cancellation policies, please visit our group classes page and private lessons page. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do! Gift certificates may be purchased on our online store for any occasion in any denomination. 

Do you offer wedding dance lessons?

Yes! We offer bride-to-be and groom-to-be dance lessons as well as a variety of other  offerings. For more information, please visit our wedding dance page. 

I still have a question that hasn't been answered...

No problem. Just send us a message using our contact form and we'll be in touch real soon. 


I've been taking dance lessons from Simone for nine years, and I continue to love each and every one of my lessons! She is an excellent instructor and makes learning how to dance a truly wonderful experience. I first got hooked during one of Simone's group classes nearly a decade ago. She was unlike any of the other instructors I had come across previously: she is a true professional, extremely knowledgable, enthusiastic, patient, and a stickler for proper form.  

Simone's passion for dancing and teaching is unparalleled. I've taken a wide variety of dance classes with her, from group classes to private lessons, from the Waltz to the Hustle, and in every class Simone is there with 100% of her attention, enthusiasm, and energy.

She devotes so much of herself to her classes and lessons and she really wants you to succeed as a student of dance whether you are taking private lessons or a group class. She is always ready to find new ways to explain dance concepts and patterns and won't give up until you understand or learn a certain idea or concept or pattern fully. 

Simone is a true gem of an instructor and you are in excellent care when you take dance lessons with her! 

- R.I., New York, NY 

I started attending group dance classes with Dance Together NYC about four years ago, with absolutely zero dance experience under my belt.  In fact, I had a deep seated fear of dancing in public. I decided to give it a try because I was looking for a new way to get some exercise that would also allow me to meet people.  Well, clearly classes are fantastic, since I'm still going 4 years later.  

Simone has expertise not only in dance, but in education.  She knows how to break down the steps so that even complete newbies can pick them up (unlike other dance teachers I've observed, who merely demonstrate and expect you to know how to do it on your own by just watching).  

I enjoyed the classes so much that I now take private lessons with Simone.  I'm now confident enough in my dancing abilities that I regularly attend dance parties around the city.  If you're even just considering learning to dance give Simone's classes a try - I guarantee she will have you dancing in no time! 

- L.P., New York, NY

My wife and I have been taking a once-weekly "couples class" from Simone for over a year now, and we absolutely love it.  We signed up on a lark--and with absolutely no dancing experience--thinking it would a fun diversion from our typical weeknight activities. 

We didn't know what to expect, and were both nervous at the beginning that the classes would be awkward and embarrassing. But after the first 10 minutes of the first class, all of our worries went out the door, and we've been coming back almost every week ever since.  

Simone is a fabulous teacher.  She is patient, attentive, and thoroughly entertaining, and the hour-long classes just fly by.  Not only that, I can honestly say that we've actually learned how to dance!  

I highly recommend Dance Together NYC for any couple looking for a new activity.  The classes have truly become a highlight of our week! 

- Tom K.,New York, NY 

Have you ever been into a dance class where everybody is having a great time, and where the teacher is so great that she made you do even those moves you thought were impossible? If your answer is no then you haven't tried Simone's class because that is precisely what she does.

She welcome you with a smile and great energy. She walk you thought the steps. She adds some nice music and congratulates every time you do it right. And if you don't, she'll spend some extra time with you to make sure you got it right.

What a great experience it was. Oh, and she had some nice treats for us at the end :)

My suggestion? Try her class sessions now! We are definitely going back! 

- Mathias L., New York, NY

I initially contacted Dance Together NYC because of the stellar Yelp reviews, and I'm so glad I did!! I have been attending couples dance class taught by Simone for about a year now. 

I started out as a complete beginner, and Simone was fantastic at teaching the basics of swing, rhumba, salsa, and foxtrot - she's very fun and breaks things down in a way that's super easy to follow. 

My family and friends are super impressed with my new dancing skills, and I love continuing to learn from Simone every week! 

- K.L., New York, NY

Simone's classes are so much fun!  I've taken several of them, both group classes and private lessons.  

The group classes are lively as you are interacting with everyone in the room, changing partners. There is constant motion and learning. 

The private classes are really fascinating.  I took one with a partner who never really danced before and Simone made him feel so completely at ease and by the end of the hour, he was twirling me around! So much fun, really!! 

- Amy N., New York, NY

Group Classes


Whether you're a beginner or have a few years of dance experience under your belt, group classes are a fun and affordable way to get moving and grooving on the dance floor!

Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great way to personalize and accelerate your dance instruction. You'll receive personalized attention and will work on the dance(s) of your choice at your own pace.

Couples Class


Our Couples Class gives you and your partner a unique and fun way to grow, strengthen, and enjoy your relationship through ballroom dance lessons.

Wedding Dance


Say something interesting about your business here.The biggest day of your life deserves a dance that is special, spectacular, flawless and stress-free. We can help you create the wedding dance of your dreams!

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